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Leverage our consolidated supply-chain to meet your needs.
A marketing and distribution network, connected by reliable inland logistics.
An import and trading segment operated by industry professionals under an excellent management team.

Bulk Petroleum Trading

A wide array of products


The company’s core business is trading of petroleum products and other derivatives.

Neurone CSL and its associates trade oil products globally. Oil products include Gasoline, Naphtha, Jet fuel, Diesel, Fuel oil, Gas oil, Base oils, LPG and asphalt.

Supplies are acquired in part through long term contracts from the key-producing countries as well as by traditional short and medium term purchase agreements from local suppliers, mostly licensed depot owners through purchase of PPMC/ NNPC PFI’s.

Trading activities are conducted through our offices in Lagos, and through the network of associated offices and agencies.

In the face of volatile markets, Neurone has been able to deliver prompt response to movements in demand and price changes through its global network of associate companies, partners and operators.

Neurone CSL delivers to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, Government purchasing agencies and industrial end-users.

Necsers Bonny

Retail Oil Marketing

Team play, Cost control, Dedication to excellence.


With a network of logistics and transport companies we have a good distribution of work

We fulfil demands; delivering to filling stations and retail outlets, offshore installations, corporate organisations, government agencies, Industrial consumers, and construction companies.

Our marketing focus is aimed at meeting spontaneous demands. Average order to despatch times is 24 hours, compared to an industry average of 3 days.

We have partnered with banks to developed fast and secure transaction terms to help improve customer cash-flow.

Try out our all-in-one solutions that connect clients with smart bank-financed solutions. This ensures we deliver to you at good prices and get paid promptly. Win-Win

We can perform transactions for clients with good cash-flow. Imagine accessing a 10-day bank financing, dedicated to financing your fuel and energy needs.
Pricing is suitable for all customers.

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Coporate Services

Innovation, Collaboration, Synergy.


The African Business space has a major challenge- information disconnect. We discover ways of solving business problems by advising transactions parties.
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In addition to advisory; We bring blockchain technology systems into practice. Enhancing transparency and protecting stakeholder interests 100%.

Delivering simplified solutions to negotiation frictions which usually arise from incomplete information.

Have a tough deal? Get a free consult.

Under the Consulting SBU, we deliver premium services to discerning clients who need vendorship registrations with IOC's. Please note we advise a full KYC.

In addition to Vendorship registrations, leverage our teams to achieve excellent contract performance in various fields.

We provide Technical tenders, and Bid Documentations and process management.
Ensure you put your best foot forward.

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