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Corporate Services

3rd March 2016
Green Energy Initiatives
3rd March 2016

Leverage our industry experience and market networks and the willingness to guide

From concept stage all through registrations with Multinationals & IOC's to tender documentation, contract awards and revenue inflow.
This solution sees clients settle into the oil and gas industry and services sector without hassles

Disclaimer: As an oil and gas company, we may witness a conflict of interest is setting up a competing company. Therefore, we may decline offers for where there is a conflict of interest.

Basic Overview. Given the allure and appeal of the oil and gas sector, Several entities harbour interests in becoming oil and energy players.

However without a clear direction or understanding of regulations, licensing requirements, market conditions and blind spots, a lot can go wrong resulting in loss of time and money and goodwill.

This process will see you collaborate with us and understand what suits your business best.

Thereafter we will commence registrations and documentation with relevant bodies. Third stage is a mix of what segments interest you and how best to start - procurement and supplies to oil servicing companies.


For an in-depth first-hand analysis of market potentials, bottlenecks and solutions.

Our targeted solutions will be helpful in positioning and securing viable handpick transactions. For questions and enquiries on trading and available products please visit here or Contact us